On Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi has announced that a vote to impeach “King Trump” will occur before Christmas. After the debacle yesterday in Nadler’s inquiry with no fact witnesses, I thought the process had jumped the shark concerning the analogy to Barron Trump. Note to the Professor Karlan, Barron is not the same as the regal title of Baron.

I do not underestimate my enemies and be assured, Americans know who are their domestic enemies. I can only conclude that this impeachment is their last ditch effort to preserve their power once the Horowitz and Durham reports expose their treason. And the penalty for treason is death. I pray that our people heal and learn from what is about to transpire.

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to On Impeachment

  1. Remsdad says:

    American citizenry and politicians currently lack testosterone levels to enforce treason sentences though those would be well deserved. I believe most of those implicated in these reports will remain in their offices because of the public’s lack of strength. I pray I am wrong.

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