Once it starts

I believe people have this concept of the Boogaloo as something out of The Patriot. Straight lines of uniformed target opportunities and well defined “sides”.

It isn’t going to be at all like this.

There will be multiple “sides” that you may fit into at once. There may really be none you fit into. There will be horror like this ground hasn’t seen since the 1860s and it will simply break many. Normal people, people you know, will be trying to end you. If not themselves, by providing intel to those that will.

Do not mistake the thin veneer of society for safety, for trust.

It won’t be wide spread, at first. Rumblings here and there, a bit-o-Boogaloo yonder, a bit in a city far away. It won’t be out in the open, at least for the serious players. It’ll be in the dark and quiet and well thought out.

I have posted this thought stream many times, here I am again.

Get. Your. Mind. Right.

It’s coming. It’ll happen fast and it’ll be unstoppable until it runs out of fuel once it goes full throttle. They will not let you alone, they will not coexist. Decide now what you are willing to do, and to not do, and cement that into yourself.

Don’t mistake “R” for ally. Don’t mistake neighbor for tribe. Don’t mistake a relative for blood. Don’t mistake a uniform for fairness.

Your tribe is your nation now.


Tick Tock.

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4 Responses to Once it starts

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    I’ve been preaching this same scenario for decades. Thanks for putting into print.
    NONE will escape the horrors to come. NONE!
    Prepare now, while you can. Those who don’t WILL be your enemies, one way or another, no matter how “friendly” they may seem today. They won’t be when the food runs out. Bank on it!

  2. David says:

    Although the horror will be worse in the cities and larger towns, do not become complacent in your “safe” zone. Operational security is in short supply and it may cost you dearly no matter where you are. Do you understand the concept of a tribe? Are you building community relationships?

    The other side will have no compunction to do horrors to survive. You are fodder to them now as you pay for entitlements and you will be worthless fodder to them when the gravy train stops.

    Train, Prepare and Be Vigilant.

  3. LunkerMack says:

    We are already in a ‘cold’ Civil War that just hasn’t gone hot yet. Unless you count the millions of babies killed since Roe v. Wade…or the case of Gary J. Willis having his Second Amendment right forcefully taken from him, to the extreme in that it cost him his life.
    Red Flag “Laws” could very well be the straw that breaks the back of the ‘Tolerant’ Christian majority in this country. We can only Hope.
    Hell, the Vegas massacre was so obviously a false flag event orchestrated by the Communist left that every gun owner in America should have seen it. Where did that story go? They only banned bump-stocks because of it. Will they go for the grand prize of total confiscation in the next fake media event?
    Will they try to physically take down the President since they have failed to steal his Presidency legally? Maybe, but in my opinion, they have been very successful in killing us with a thousand cuts.
    We The People have the right to own anything the Military has access to. Any Law that deems otherwise, is Tyranny.
    What will it take for people to truly be Free?

  4. Norseman says:

    Very well said . Get your heart right too cause you’re going to need faith like nothing you ‘ve ever experienced before.

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