One of the World’s Gold Vaults and Its Owner Have Been Located

One of the world’s most secretive commercial gold vaults has been located in London. And the building’s owners are JP Morgan Chase Bank: the same bank that is manipulating both the silver market and the federal government. But most people do not even know that Jamie Dimon is the CEO of JP Morgan. And since the media is complicit in this financial malfeasance, we have to go to a comedy show to even get a glimpse of the truth:

Follow the money and we will discover the people responsible for our economic collapse. We just need to quantify the level of justice in the future.

David DeGerolamo

From Zerohedge:

Which is why we were quite stunned to find, in the deep recesses of the internet (and hosted by the Indonesian stock exchange of all place), a trade ticket from May 26, 2011, issued by the Perth Mint of Australia to Avocet Gold Mining (a West African gold miner), in which the Mint confirms its purchase of 2,126 ounces of gold at a price of $1,526 for a total transaction price of $3.246 million.


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  1. tmedlin says:

    one market, after another is being manipulated. Gold -- by the bankers, guns and ammo-by the feds, food -- by big agribusinesses. Was reading an article just this morning about a case before SCOTUS about Monsanto vs. american famers regarding round-up ready, genetically modified seeds.

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