Oregon ‘Militia Threat’ has all the Markings of a Smear Job against Gun Owners

Some citizens, including “Oregon Three Percenters,” were planning a protest. True to form, gun owners who will not comply with disarmament edicts are being portrayed as “anti-government extremists.” That’s despite the fact that they are the ones calling for rights abusers and infringers to obey the Constitution and observe the entire Bill of Rights. 

Making it known that you will not go gentle into that good night scares totalitarian wannabes. Good.


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1 Response to Oregon ‘Militia Threat’ has all the Markings of a Smear Job against Gun Owners

  1. Ralph says:

    The Oregonian, aka Portland Pravda, ran a series of reader letters yesterday under the headline “Readers Respond: Dejected Oregon Republicans Stand By Senators on The Run”

    Now, here’s the thing:

    For one, most of the letters published were written by self-professed Democrats, one of whom said he hadn’t voted Republican since Ronald Reagan’s first campaign. So, are Democrats now “Dejected Oregon Republicans”? Well, apparently so, especially if they don’t buy into the party line.

    For two, most of the letters cite the tyranny that the Brown administration has wrought, governing at the point of a gun and with disregard to the populace they are supposed to represent. Again, most of the letters are written by self-professed Democrats.

    For three, the headline is as inflammatory as it is inaccurate. “Dejected Republicans” “On The Run” -- bollocks. Citing that the Capitol was closed on Sunday due to reports of a credible threat. Yet this very same rag reported that the Oregon Senate President called the session to order on Sunday morning and then closed it almost immediately due to lack of a quorum.

    They aren’t even attempting to hide their lies.

    “How The News Makes Us Dumb”, C. John Sommerville, 1999 -- highly recommended, at better libraries everywhere.

    “The Smear”, Sharyl Attkisson -- updates and expand on the above, with Internet, social media, and smartphone effects taken into account, also at better libraries everywhere.

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