Our Enemy Is Ambiguity – T. L. Davis

This is the poignant fact: America cannot recover from the economic and political corruption it now suffers. The media will never expose those in power, they are tied to them politically and see themselves simply as generals coordinating the future they have long worked to secure.

We have been no champions for our cause, either. We lack focus. We lack will. No one wants to be the sacrificial lamb. No one wants to be first. No one wants to take the heat for a huge majority of the population who are rightfully outraged.

The Tea Party is dead, useless, ineffective because they were not able to do anything other than assimilate into the opposition. We must be vigilant, even militant. We have no allies in this corrupt government. No corrupt government official can be of use to our cause which is simply the rightful exercise of our rights. If they are in government, they are corrupt and in opposition to our Constitution and our liberty.


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