Our Government?


I had to correct a friend last week during a conversation. He stated that “our government” had….

My correction was that the federal government is not “our government”. He agreed but the point needs to be understood completely. The federal government does not operate under the Constitution. It is not under any constraints by the people who gave it its license to exist. We are no longer a representative republic of We The People. The creature of the people has broken through the restraints imposed by our founding fathers.

So what form of government do will have? The answer is tyranny but I would assume that most people who are reading this already know it. But do you understand it? Do you believe in your heart that the next election cycle will fix anything? If we are no longer a representative republic, why are you voting for the lesser of two evils? And when I say you, I am not including myself. When will you stop wanting to believe in “their government” instead of our natural rights?

When will you stand up for freedom?

David DeGerolamo

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7 Responses to Our Government?

  1. The last presidential election I was prepared to vote for Ron Paul as a serious candidate.
    And then he was side-swiped by Romney. Just because THEY didn’t want him did not
    mean We the People didn’t want him. Since there wasn’t anything to vote for, I didn’t vote.

    • tmedlin says:

      well, I guess we need to thank you, and a couple million others, for Barack Obama’s 2nd term. You can stand over with those who actively and passively made sure he was elected, when the shooting starts.

      • In Amerika, the only thing provided on election day is a choice between two evils. I have no regrets.

        • tmedlin says:

          I submit that your lack of voting and/or those like you, had nothing to do with “evil” but with being consumed by the same sophomoric “cult of personality” syndrome that got Obama elected to begin with. So blinded by allegiance to Ron Paul, that you/they chose to forsake the country -- couldn’t bring yourself/themselves to vote, in your minds painting Mitt Romney as EVIL! That is pathetic. Your country, MY country, MY friends, MY family, MY grandchildren will pay the price for your arrogance, immaturity and brainwashing implemented by those with the Campaign For Liberty. Like I said, stand over there with the other traitors.

          • LOL
            if you DON’T vote your heart and conscience then you HAVE wasted your vote.”
            Prom night is coming up, do you ask the ugly girl to go with you or do you sit home and watch Spike?

  2. Wrench says:

    Naw, we ain’t militarizing nutti’n

  3. magrit11 says:

    Lets see what happens when Burr runs again. Proof will be, that most voters including the so called tea party, will keep voting for the same corrupt, anti constitutional, phony, puppets

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