Out Of The Box review of Elite Survival Systems Loadout Range Bag

Everyone needs a ‘Range Bag’. I think this one has everything you need at a great price!

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10 Responses to Out Of The Box review of Elite Survival Systems Loadout Range Bag

  1. Gary Peacock says:

    I used a large rolling computer bag/office case for my range bag. Once, I needed it to travel and loaded my laptop, papers and office supplies into it and tried to carry it on the airplane. At security, the bag set off the explosives alarm and the bag and me were subjected to swabbing and “enhanced security evaluation”. Almost missed my flight. This computer bag is my permanent range bag, now.

    • Gadi Adelman says:

      Well at least something the TSA has actually works! lol

    • Elizabeth D Sams says:

      Oh that’s not fun! Now you really need to get this neat bag!

      • Salty Dog says:

        I had a similar thing happen. The half box of 9mm I missed was immediately spotted by TSA. Hilarity ensued.

        • Gadi Adelman says:

          Happens to the best of us! My other half, who I purchased an extra magazine and PowerBall ammo for, had the extra mag in her purse. It was confiscated at the airport by TSA when she was boarding a flight.
          I was more ticked off at the loss of the ammo which cost more than the magazine!

  2. Elizabeth D Sams says:

    Great video this is SO helpful!

  3. Rabbi Will says:

    That bag is too clean! We need a range day at least get it smelling like powder!

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