Over 10,000 Illegal Aliens on Voter Rolls in North Carolina

NCFIRE.info has confirmed that of the 14,836 DACA eligible illegal aliens who have been issued a NC drivers license (as of 9/20/2014),10,000+ of them are also registered to vote! That’s right, illegal aliens registered to vote in NC. We have had direct talks withindividuals who have confirmed this information.The NC State Board Of Elections is working hard to check the names and remove them from the voter rolls BUT, they are woefully understaffed and will NOT be able to finish before the election in Nov. (much less before early voting starts on Oct 23rd)I urge everyone to contact their NC State Representative and NC State Senator and demand the staffing be increased to complete the job at hand.

Find your NC House Representative and your NC State Senator here: http://www.ncleg.net/representation/WhoRepresentsMe.aspx

Simply enter your address in the search box, at the top right of the each map and hit enter (or click on the pop-up address that corresponds to yours). This will bring up your address inside a purple box on the map. Click anywhere inside the purple box to find your Rep or Senator contact info.

James Johnson
President NCFIRE- North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
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  1. Marsha Gill says:

    That’s just N. Carolina. What about the rest of the country? Voting is becoming illegal wins for dems.

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