Over 350 NC Child Rapes by Illegal Aliens

Attention NC residents,NCFIRE has assembled a report of NC Superior Court cases, from October 14th through the end of 2013, that list over 101confirmed and highly probable illegal aliens, who have been charged with raping a NC child. (see report here)

There are over 350 different charges. Many of the individuals had numerous charges against them, meaning, they raped more than one child or raped that child numerous times.

101 different individuals having court dates in 2 and 1/2 months is an epidemic.

We CAN NOT let this continue. Contact your NC Legislator and tell them: “Enough is Enough! Enact and Enforce STATEImmigration Laws!”

Your Legislator can be found here:

James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879 (anonymous reporting) 
cell # 910-286-3022
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