Part 1: AAR – SUT/Patrolling/Logistics Course – April 19-22, 2013

One day after class ended, I’m finding it difficult to disseminate the sheer volume of information that was presented.

This will be a little bit different than my previous AAR. I won’t be going into the details about what we did as much. Instead, I will try and share what I learned that hopefully will be beneficial to you. I’m going to break this up into parts as well.

I would like to thank the host of the class and his wife for allowing us to use their land for training and for providing us with 3 delicious square meals a day. That allowed us to get in more class time by not having to stop and prepare our own meals. In addition, it tasted light years ahead of any MRE. It also provided ample opportunity for creating a stronger team cohesion as we ate around the campfire.

As has been previously stressed, PT before hand will help tremendously. This time around, my endurance was much stronger and I was able to recover very quickly. Do PT. It does make a difference. Also not eating Wendy’s Chili Cheese Fries the night before helps as well.

The SUT portion of the class was a more condensed version of the previous SUT class I attended. However, despite this, Mosby was able to teach the same information.

Things learned via observation and demonstrations:


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