Pass This Message to Your Pastors, Priests and Ministers


Can I cut to the chase? Our “church system” is producing passive men. They claim to “serve the Lord” yet they bow to every un-Godly authority that crosses their path. Lip service. It reminds me of my dog hanging his head out of the car window. It’s all just lips flapping in the wind.

Should we “obey God or man?” We all know the answer to that question. But Christian men cower in the corner, sucking off of the pastor’s teat, while the very future of their children hangs in the balance.

What a sick, pathetic army we are…paralyzed by fear…hiding from the enemy…depending on the wishbone rather than they backbone. First-century Christians used the Gospel to turn the world upside down. The Black-Robed Regiment led the fight for American Independence. The Greatest Generation saved the world from Hitler. Today’s men are sitting in padded pews, at least when not looking at Porn.


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  1. dagny says:

    Preach it Coach! Amen!!

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