Patient at Duke Hospital being monitored for possible Ebola


Duke Hospital patient tests negative for Ebola

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is monitoring a patient at Duke University Hospital who traveled from Liberia and has developed a fever.

Officials said the patient departed Liberia and arrived Friday at Newark (NJ) Liberty International Airport, which is one of five airports in the nation that has begun screening travelers from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone for fever and other signs of illness linked to the Ebola virus.

The patient had no symptoms upon arrival and had no known exposure to Ebola while in Liberia, officials said.

The patient, whose age and gender were not released, arrived in Person County on Saturday and developed a fever Sunday. The person was transferred to Duke University Hospital in Durham “using the appropriate health and safety protocols,”officials said in a statement.


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1 Response to Patient at Duke Hospital being monitored for possible Ebola

  1. watcher says:

    See the date of the first PR entry. It is Officially showing intervention and changes to the campus
    policy and procedures in updates from October .

    Yet, Duke is claiming they have been ready to process Ebola Patients on their campus hospital for a very long while.

    The actual videos from the actual conducted educational sessions are only available to Duke employees and affiliates.

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