Patriot Conference Topic: Rightful Liberty and Common Law

In order to competently function in an austere environment, you have to have a basis in rightful liberty and common law if you want freedom. The alternatives for a foundation will not end well for individual Liberty. This topic will be covered first at the Patriot Conference by Hans Mentha. Tickets for this event are going quickly.

David DeGerolamo


Speaker: Hans Mentha

Topic: Rightful Liberty and Common Law – an overview of my explorations related to:

Conflict in society – rights, injustice, failure of civil government.

Liberty and Common Law – complementary aspects of a functional society. Restoration of liberty requires common law.

Social change – only possible through self-improvement of motivated individuals. We own the responsibility to make change.

Biography: Hans Mentha

Purposefully unemployed for 15 years – living an approximation of Rightful Liberty in the woods of central North Carolina.

Known as a damned-yankee by natives to the soil – has been observed to instruct transplants from NY and NJ that their former culture is not welcome here.

Degrees in applied physics – worked in process automation, electro chemistry, radiologic health, data communications, business computer systems and information management.

Other Musings from Mr. Mentha:

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