Pelosi told Dems she wants Trump ‘in prison’


What do you call a government that imprisons political prisoners to eliminate opposition to their power?

We get the government that we deserve as the voters in California, Illinois, New York and New England have proven. The removal of the Electoral College will be the final nail in the coffin for the Republic. Or has that nail already been driven?

Words have consequences and the words coming from “elected leaders” have made them anathema. They do not realize it and I doubt that they care. Power and greed have become acceptable in the state and federal governments across the country. I cannot imagine the media accepting Pelosi’s statement without criticism even 10 years ago. The right to free speech is now delegated only to the other side. Our side has no rights as even the right to life and religion have fallen in most states.

The Bible is clear: evil must be eliminated. The line in the sand has been drawn and the two sides are clearly defined. I suggest people read Bonhoeffer’s explanation on why killing Hitler was not a violation of Romans 13. I am not suggesting killing anyone; I am suggesting that we have trials before we hang traitors.

The sad part of this tragedy: the people do not see or hear the evil surrounding them. If they did, we would be discussing the solutions to return to God and free our children. And maybe that is God’s punishment for the evil that the government has carried out.

David DeGerolamo

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8 Responses to Pelosi told Dems she wants Trump ‘in prison’

  1. Wes says:

    You cannot Legislate Evil out of this World Gentlemen. In the End you are going to have give the Good Men Guns and Set them Loose.

    Wish I knew who to credit with this Saying.

  2. I agree with every word.Please keep up the good work.

  3. a follower says:

    i have much respect for Bonhoeffer. i struggle though with, Why?
    Why was such an evil man allowed to live. Physically live( he was dead inside.)
    3 times the resistance attempted to assassinate Hitler. 3 times they failed. The position and size of the table leg that spared his life was almost a miracle. This resulted in the death of Bonhoeffer and many involved in the plot.
    Hitler took this escape from death as a sign from God, that yes he was right, this was an act of providence.
    3 times they tried to kill him, 3 times they failed. Were they right? Did God have other plans?
    Are we missing something?
    i believe the True solution is as you mentioned, is in returning to God

    • David says:

      God uses evil men to punish his children. He also uses righteous men to fight in His name. It is time to turn the plowshares into swords. This government is evil and it is our duty to restore it back to its founding principles under God as our forefathers were led.

      • a follower says:

        No thoughts on why Hitler survived only to take his own life in the end?
        Have you also noticed that God uses evil men to destroy evil men?
        Have you seen scriptures that seem to refer to this?
        Our forefathers were led to complete some prophecies relating to the Birthright promise, (in terms of the Remnant) i believe our duty may be somewhat different.

        • David says:

          God’s purpose for Hitler was accomplished might be one reason for his suicide. I will accept the official version that he did commit suicide.

          Evil men have always looked for increased power whether their opposition is good or evil. Most of the wars in the Bible are good vs. evil. God used the defeat of good to punish his children who were and still are stiff necked. I will comment on specific examples of evil vs. evil in the Bible if you give them to me.

          I do not believe that the United States is mentioned in the Book of Revelation. However, I believe that I am being led to help the remnant rebuild.

  4. Robert Gschwind says:

    Well said David.

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