Perks of Being Selected As President As Opposed to Elected

This will be a series of articles demonstrating to many citizens of the United States of America how being SELECTED as President by corporations, foreign governments, and the consumer industry such as the Main Stream Media has its perks. You are protected and feel that you are immune to accountability for crimes you commit. You get away with 18 U.S. Code § 2243.

Many Americans believe that child sexual abuse is the most disgusting and evil act that a person can engage in. The consensus is that if a crime of child sexual abuse is committed that no matter who you are – you are prosecuted.

What if the victim was the daughter of the former Vice President’s deceased son? What if the victim is now the daughter of the President’s deceased son? What if the perpetrator was the First Son? You would think that there would be a pursuit of justice. Justice to hold ALL those that knew and concealed such abuse accountable. Justice SHOULD be BLIND but it’s not.

There is EVIDENCE that MANY people knew within the First Family and that the perpetrator was the First Son.



Feel free to spread this information throughout what is left of your social media, your friends and family. The perversion that is temporarily residing in the White House will be exposed.

David DeGerolamo

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Hammers Thor
Hammers Thor
1 month ago