Live Feed in Richmond

Update 1: Estimated attendance at 8:35 AM is over 5000 people.

Update 2: Estimated attendance is 5000 – 10,000 at 10:40 AM. Live feeds are being block or throttled. Replaced video with a new live feed.

Update 3: Antifa buses are reported to be unloading at 11:40 AM.

Update 4: Switched video to Russian controlled RUPTLY at noon. I doubt that we will get any good information live at this point.

It appears that there will be a large turnout today based on the early feed.

David DeGerolamo

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13 Responses to Live Feed in Richmond

  1. Jack says:

    Big bro has scrambled your signal

  2. Tom says:

    Could have sworn you mentioned Pete Santilli being there. Isn’t he an FBI informant?

    A significant amount of the FBI’s information used to charge Ammon Bundy came from an activist named Pete Santilli, who was living inside the refuge and broadcasting live his conversations with fellow activists.

    • David says:

      Based on other information, I believe Pete Santilli was compromised by the federal government. However, the live stream sites at Richmond are being switched as the day goes on.

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  4. Charley Waite says:

    So far so good. Why would Antifa buses be unloaded at the END of an event? Ridiculous

  5. Publius Huldah says:

    if you get another live feed, please post link. What I saw was wonderful!

  6. Rollory says:

    Event over, police report zero violence or arrests.

    To which I can only say:


    All the “buffalo jump” screamers can now shut the f_ck up.

    This was NEVER going to turn into a violent riot, because it was counter to the interests of everyone -- antifa, police, 2A advocates, politicians -- for it to do so. The ONLY people with an interest in it turning violent were the MSM, the lying screaming panic-mongers like Matt Bracken, Aesop, and Andrew Anglin, and the utterly short-sighted simpletons who saw fit to repeat those warnings.

    For those of you who did take the advice to stay away, here’s from the AP article:

    >”I was prepared to see a whole lot more people show up than actually did and I think it’s an indication that a lot of this rhetoric is bluster, quite frankly,” said Del. Chris Hurst, a gun-control advocate whose TV journalist girlfriend was killed in an on-air shooting in 2015.

    Congratulations, you helped this guy support his position. And can you blame him? If you’re too damned scaredy-cat to go stand in public exercising one constitutionally protected right in service of another, with honest and trustworthy people and demonstrating you quite literally trust them with your life -- if you’re too scared to do that, why in the world would he expect you to have the guts to actually fight?

    Showing up is half the battle. This fight isn’t over, but this was well worth doing.

    • David says:

      Two of the editors here decided not to post “I told you so” articles concerning the naysayers. The reasons should be self-evident. As for Mr. Hurst’s comment, I really don’t care. Anyone who was dissatisfied with the large turnout is only trying to marginalize the event. I do agree that the fight is not over: it is just starting.

      • Charley Waite says:

        good. Everyone who feared the worst is glad to have been proven wrong, There is no need to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by alienating half your support.

  7. a follower says:

    There seemed to be no end to the people that wanted it to be violent, Both sides. The question i would ask is , How many are disappointed?
    How many are disappointed this did not turn into what they ‘wanted’, both sides?
    And last but not least, how many are grateful? Grateful that it did go peaceably. Grateful to God above that it (evidently) was not His Will that all hell break loose this day?

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