Planned Parenthood Dismisses 4th Video as Misleading

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3 Responses to Planned Parenthood Dismisses 4th Video as Misleading

  1. Phil says:

    These are the most wickedest people on the face of the planet besides the Bolshevik nations and the house of sodomy in Washington DC.

  2. Peter Alexander says:

    Folks, now that we know exactly what Planned Parethood has been doing in addittion to providing “health care” to women, as well as murdering millions of babies since 1973 Roe v. Wade unConstitutional supreme court deciion, that we did not oppose and turn around to protect innocent life.

    We now have an opportunity to defund Planned Parenhood of federal doallrs all of the nearly $600,000,000 ($600 million dollars).

    In addition, you and I can defund Planned Parenthood further and close this evil organization down by contacting each of their private corporate sponsors and funders with the profits from our purchases of their products and let them know that we will no longer purchase their products. Turn off AT&T, switch to another company; drink other products, switch to other businesses for services and products until that corporation/business discontinues funding Planned Parenthood and the culture of death.

    This can be the beginning of American’s taking back our power, starting with our purchasing power. We MUST spend our MONEY in those corporation/businesses that support life.

    Remember South Africa? WE MUST divest our purchasing power and our federal taxdiollars from Planned Parenthood and any other organization that does not defend faith, families and freedom. Freedom to live isour basis right. We MUST not allow Planned Parenthood to destroy life in our names and with our tax dollars and purchases. God bless you. Stand up! Stop purchasing products from these companies. You can write and let them know; however, when their sales go down significantly, they will know why. WE ARE THE PEOPLE and we are not gona take it anymore. Power to the People ! Peace, Peter ~

    • phil says:

      Also the corporations spend much more on other debaucheries and filth. they were right out in front on the same sex marriage issue and they poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the sodomites campaign to destroy the sanctity of marriage in our nation, all these corporation heads should and must be taken out at some point for there grievous crimes against our nation. I would write the list of names of the heads of these filthy corporatist, but is is to large at this time, we do know there are over 300 hundred of these satanic loving companies that must be taken down along with there dirty money. you are right it’s up to us to defund these evil pigs and hit them right in there pocket book and where it will severely hurt them, Begin with Apple and Microsoft and stop buying there products and you will see big changes begin to occur. all Christians must stop funding there own demise by these evil people.

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