Police: Texas shootout may be linked to Colo. official’s slaying

The scene of a car crash in Decatur, Texas. Police officials in Colorado are investigating the shootout and subsequent chase in relation to the death of prisons chief Tom Clements. / JIMMY ALFORD / WISE COUNTY MESSENGER

Police are looking into whether or not a shootout with police officers in Texas is linked to the murder of Colorado prison chief Tom Clements, CBS Denver affiliate KCNC reports.

Clements, the executive director of the Colorado Department of Corrections, was killed after he answered the door at his home in Monument Tuesday night.

Texas authorities are checking whether a shooting suspect’s black Cadillac with Colorado plates was the same car spotted near the Clements’ home the night he was killed.

The driver in the car chase, which ended with a crash in Decatur, Texas, has been declared legally dead at an area hospital and is being kept on machines for potential organ donation..

“After the suspect was struck by the 18-wheeler he exited the vehicle with a firearm and engaged our deputies in a firefight. None of the deputies were hit by any suspect shots. The suspect was hit as the deputies returned fire,” said Wise County Sheriff David Walker.


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