Political Stupidity, Big Tech LIES And Markets. Civil War 2

You really ought to take stock and figure out how to survive a political, economic and social apocalypse — like right now.

It’s easy to be “positive” when the markets are near all-time highs — and they are.  When unemployment is near all-time lows — and it is.  When it appears that politics is essentially all noise, because none of it is reflecting back into the economy as a whole.

You would be making a grave mistake to do so.

If people really did believe what they say to any material degree, on either side, Civil War would have already happened.

One example of the political insanity: Guns.

New Zealand, for instance.  After Christchurch they passed a brand new turn in your guns law to much fanfare and applause from the left in the United States.  Then the media attention disappeared.  Roughly 500 people have turned in their guns; best estimates are that there are roughly 1.5 million such weapons in private hands.  It’s similar in New York which also passed such a ban and registration requirement; compliance with that law has been an effective zero.

So where’s Cuomo who claims to support this garbage?  Hiding under his desk as the wet-crap coward and hypocrite that he is.  If he personally went to try and get those guns I wouldn’t take odds on that working out very well — and he knows it. The cops know the odds are good they’d be shot too which is why they haven’t and won’t go get the guns and everyone involved knows damn well what’s at risk they try it.  How many cops .vs. over one million such weapons?  How many of the people who have them will answer “Hell No!”?  How many does it need to be?  Not fun questions and not fun answers either.

How about California?  Zero compliance as a statistical matter as well: estimates are 3%.  Connecticut?  Same deal.  Zero compliance and zero enforcement.  Gee, I wonder why?

Where’s the media on this?  Silent, of course.  Gee, I wonder why?

These people also know that not everyone is stupid and in fact there are plenty of well-trained combat veterans who were taught guerrilla warfare tactics by our own government and then set upon some foreign land to go practice them!  You really want to play with those guys if you get them that mad?  Many of them believe the words in the Constitution still mean something.  After all, they did volunteer to do things that can and often do kill people in the name of our country.

There’s no way to know who will do that and who won’t but out of millions of possible people who may choose to do it there’s also no chance in Hell of interdicting any material percentage of said individuals in advance.

Again this is how Civil Wars start and once they start they’re a bitch to stop because exactly nobody on either side is going to “forgive and forget” that their daughter, son, wife or husband was shot dead or their house was burned to the ground with their family inside while they were out trying to go get the guns, or that the same thing happened to the victims of one of the raids by the cops trying to take the guns!

Most of the time such conflicts don’t stop until either the people get tired of death or everyone on one side or the other is dead.

I’m taking the bet that by the end of next year things go sideways — at least economically and in the markets, and quite possibly in the worst sort of way imaginable.

Nobody in their right mind advocates or wishes for such an outcome but if you’re not concerned about the possibility of it happening in the current political climate you need to have your head examined.


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