Post Election Reflection: ‘We were born for this’

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  1. bob says:

    No one is born, for a certain time in history. People are created by the events that occur during their life span. Men and women who have a deep belief in The Almighty God,because that is where all truths come from. Anyone who has a belief in justice, truths and what is right and what is wrong, whether one know it or not all these ideals and truths have their start in God’s Holy Words.
    Anyone who seeks truth, will eventually end up with the Bible,because God is the Author of all Truth.
    If you don’t fill your mind with Truth and Knowledge of God Word. Some one will fill your mind with their propaganda and manipulate you to do their will. When you see the millions of people who are crying for our destruction,and death for our way of life and you can’t understand how they can believe in this. You are seeing the Children of a generation that has had their minds filled with Satanic lies,by our schools and colleges. The only way that we can defeat this Evil that now reside here is thru the Lord Jesus Christ,we must become a warrior of the Lord’s. We must be willing to fight and destroy every single one of the enemies of America and God. Make no mistake,this will be a Holy war,We will be fighting for our Right to Exist as A God Fearing Patriotic Americans. We will not stop until every single one of those Satanic pedophile democrats are wipe off the face of the earth.And May the Power of God be upon us All.

  2. J.Smith says:

    Amen Bob, God will do what we cant, so it is necessary for us to do what we can. Oaths don’t expire gentlemen, alpha-male warriors better stand up, get ready and pray for God’s protection and providence, and if need be we shall all meet on the battlespace. Godspeed brothers. None of us wants what these bastards are forcing us into, but we must embrace the suck. I wish we had other options, but the feds , DOJ, and all political apparatus have stood down or are complicit. Let the court cases run their course then decide. Do we have a Republic? Quit worrying about how they control you. If we allow this fraud, the tyranny will never end, just get on the train, remember that phrase? Tyranny only happens cause we allow it, not because it forces us, we are the force we have the say so. Stand up, stand out and lets show these bastards this is a country of we the people and we wont be trifled with.

  3. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    Ten years ago I thought Glen was off the deep end, I was wrong! He is one of several who saw clearly where the nation was going. On a sidenote I have some indirect experience with communisom, I once had a wonderful wife who was a communist refugee and many of my inlaws were as well. Many of them risked thier lives to get out, it was that bad! We would do well to risk our lives to keep it out of America, I know I will! Again accolades to Glen for his vision.

  4. Thomas Hanna says:

    Romans 8:28 -- 31…….If God be for us, who can be against us?

    Sorry Bob, but God does get all the glory.

    • Les says:

      Indeed, T Hanna!
      The Bible is full of miraculous deliverances… and God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and always. So be of good cheer!
      If you are a believer in Jesus Christ -- good! Do you have a personal relationship with him? If you don’t, get that, straightaway. Then let Him guide you, lead you in whatever/however/whenever He wants you to do. You do your part -- small as it may seem -- and let Father do His. We can’t lose!!!
      Thank you, Glenn, for your honesty. You and your team is appreciated. 🙂

  5. a follower says:

    Are you called House of YaAqob? Has the Ruachof Yahuah been limited?
    Micha 2:7
    2:6-11 Since they say, Prophesy not, God will take them at their word, and their sin shall be their punishment. Let the physician no longer attend the patient that will not be healed. Those are enemies, not only to God, but to their country, who silence good ministers, and stop the means of grace. What bonds will hold those who have no reverence for God’s word? Sinners cannot expect to rest in a land they have polluted. You shall not only be obliged to depart out of this land, but it shall destroy you. Apply this to our state in this present world. There is corruption in the world through lust, and we should keep at a distance from it. It is not our rest: it was designed for our passage, but not for our portion; our inn, but not our home; here we have no continuing city; let us therefore arise and depart, let us seek a continuing city above. Since they will be deceived, let them be deceived. Teachers who recommend self-indulgence by their doctrine and example, best suit such sinners.

    “Chaos is our biggest enemy.”
    “Everything that does not go towards justice and the rule of law goes to Chaos.
    And chaos is our biggest enemy”
    Justice, Rule of Law
    There has been a lot of talk of Justice and rule of law, “Law and Order”
    i believe if Trump remains (and i think he will) we will be witness to Law, Law, Law, Law, and for a while this will seem as a good thing, but this will run off the rails for many of us…
    In the Bible there is also talk of mercy and forgiveness. Perhaps we should consider this more in our personal lives? How does one find peace in these days of Chaos?
    We’ve been warned!

  6. a follower says:

    At 13:05 Glenn says, “This is your call to arms, this isn’t a call to physical arms this is a call to wake up, it’s on the edge.
    This is much the same as Rex at Rex reviews has also stated.
    Do you agree, and do you get what they are saying? And yes they are armed as i too am, but to you glean the Truth of the Spiritual side of this war?

    • DRenegade says:

      Of course. Sidney Powell is asking for help and prayers to counteract Satanic attacks on her. Spiritual discernment is our greatest tool in this war. But to be clear, this is a spiritual war.

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