Practical Marksmanship Lesson

If you have a hard time with graphs and charts(Or if you want another trick to remember) I have another trick for you.

Hold your Sight on the Belt Buckle.

Belt Buckle is your point of aim.

At 25 meters/yards its dead on.

At 50 meters/yards it lands in his belly button.

At 100 meters/yards it lands on his solar plexus.

At 150 meters/yards it lands on his upper chest.

At 200 meters yards it lands on his solar plexus.

At 250 meters/yards it Groups around his belly button

At 300 meters/yards it Groups around his belt buckle.

At 300 meters your 2 MOA dot is the size of your Target’s Face and your Irons are about the size of his shoulders.

Level your front sight post on to the chest at his Nipple Line or put that Red Dot’s top apex on the base of the targets neck.

Then… Always fire 3 rounds @ 300 meters/yards or beyond in a slow succession. This is to account for the decrease in terminal velocity(less damage), weapon heat, and for your spread due to inherent MOA.


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  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    Great common sense info -- thanks for posting! Saved for printing.

  2. brilliant ..i will share it with my ofc colleagues

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