President Biden’s First 100 Days: America’s Dystopian Future

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2 Responses to President Biden’s First 100 Days: America’s Dystopian Future

  1. Gryphon says:

    The commies already have said they plan to “Rule by Executive Order” if they take the White House, but IMO, they are going to find they will “Hit the Wall” in terms of non-compliance of most of it, starting with any and all “Gun Control” (read ‘Gun Bans’) attempts. This will be the Breaking Point for anyone remotely interested in Preserving the Republic, and the non-compliance, up to and including Public Defiance Actions, will force the ‘government’ to either Initiate Violence on a large scale, trying Checkpoints and House-to-House Raids. Either Option results in Full-On (un)Civil War.

  2. David says:

    The day after Biden is announced the winner there will be massive reports to the cops about home burglary and all they stole was the firearms.I feel like someone is casing my house as I type this.
    I’m sure they are after my AR and ammo.Damned burglars!

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