President Obama’s Finest Moment

President Obama held a rally on Labor Day in Detroit in an effort to garner support for his jobs’ initiative that will be announced on Thursday. There are two important points from this event:

  1. The president already laid the blame on Congress when his plan fails
  2. The lines dividing America are delineated quite well


If anyone did not believe that Mr. Obama was a Communist prior to this speech, all doubt has been laid to rest along with any pretext that he believes in any of America’s founding principles. Mr. Hoffa starts out presenting Mr. Obama with his army to attack patriots in a scene reminiscent of a bad gladiator movie. Mr. Obama then outlines his co-conspirators in this mobilization and concludes with his threats against the Republican Party if his plan is unsuccessful.

Mobilizing the “proletariat” against what has made this country successful and given us freedom on Labor Day has drawn the line in the sand. Obama’s thinly veiled threat “Folks got to get together but we’re not going to wait” shows us that time is not on America’s side.

David DeGerolamo

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