Primary Arms: Be A Gun Ambassador


Over 30 million Americans participated in some form of shooting sports activity in 2017, and many of us consider it a passion. So why don’t we share it more? Many of us raise our kids with shooting sports, and that’s wonderful, but what about beyond that? The Outdoor Foundation reported in 2017 that the number of new Americans participating in outdoor recreational activities — things like hunting, shooting, fishing and hiking – is only narrowly outpacing the number of individuals who stop going outdoors for these types of activities every year, and it’s trending downward. Put simply: we aren’t creating a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts that will be larger than the last. If we want to continue to see growth in shooting sports, gun ownership, and participation in these outdoor recreation activities, it’s going to take some proactivity on the part of people like us who make these things a significant part of our daily lives.

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3 Responses to Primary Arms: Be A Gun Ambassador

  1. Thomas says:

    Red Flag laws don’t instill much confidence in ambassadors when there is alot to lose, the NRA sups with evil.

    • lawless says:

      I grow more confident every day that the collectivists are going to win, because this “side” picks nits rather than understanding the larger picture.

      The NRA has ZERO to do with taking some kid out or woman who is alone or a whole family; and showing them that guns are not evil but simply tools.

      Passing on the fun, challenges and discipline of shooting as well as the safety aspect is how we win on a LOCAL LEVEL which is where the real battle is.

      How many folks actually target a person who is not a “gun person” and if not turn them into one, at least show them that firearms are not the evil tools of death, but the teeth of all of our other rights?

      SEE THE FOREST. Look past the individual trees. Big picture, but local.

      • Thomas says:

        You are right. Nit-picking and cowering are not an option. Just venting the first thing I thought. Appleseed project seems pretty good too.

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