Problem Solved

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  1. Finish the wall.
  2. Rebuild our manufacturing base to replace Chinese factories.
  3. Allow any immigrant into the country with a green card IF they accept a job in one of the new factories.
  4. Let the world make America great again with our products.

This will allow immigrants to be tracked since they would not need to hide in the shadows as the media portrays. They will pay taxes. They will have good jobs; not the slave labor jobs that China has. They will be given provisional drivers’ licences and pay insurance but they will not be allowed to vote.

What do we have to lose? Once they taste the real American dream, who would vote Socialist?

David DeGerolamo

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5 Responses to Problem Solved

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    Can these morons not see that no one is escaping the US and running to Cuba, Venezuela or China?
    What a bunch of idiots…!

  2. BLACK says:

    Bull Shit ! my farm has been devastated by the illegals. everyone of them must be removed. the usmca finishes off all us small dairies. i’m out of work in a few days. i hope all those fuckers die.

    • David says:

      This proposal would eliminate illegals. Can you imagine how many manufacturing jobs we can generate with realistic regulatory guidelines? The world’s supply chain has already collapsed. Have you seen the stock market, price of gold or the downgrading of the world’s GDP due to no supply? I agree with your comment: I too cannot compete with Chinese laser products or India’s drafting services. And the government is to blame. Let’s fix it so everyone wins.

      • Matt says:

        Once they have to pay taxes and buy insurance they’ll find the positions aren’t so lucrative and won’t want to come.

  3. Survivormann99 says:

    Your proposal is satire, right? Kinda like Jonathan Swift and his Irish proposal? No rational American would ever propose allowing the dregs and offal of the Third World to flood the US.

    In LA, the 5th of May is already more important than the 4th of July. Only a full-blown retard would allow a tsunami of uneducated, low-skilled immigrants with strong backs and weak minds to wash over the country and wipe out our culture in exchange for a few bucks.

    These people would have photos of AOC and the Squad in every one of their homes, and the prospect of Civil War II would draw ever closer.

    So, again, tell me. Your proposal is satire, right?

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