Project Veritas: Kyle Jurek, Field Organizer, Sanders Campaign


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5 Responses to Project Veritas: Kyle Jurek, Field Organizer, Sanders Campaign

  1. Timothy E Tucker says:

    Brain washed commie activists ready to burst on the scene to intimidate the nomination process as soon as the 2nd is made null. That’s what I see. TET.

  2. William Sullivan says:

    Makes you wonder just how numerous people like that are.

    • NOG says:

      Looking at him, I would say, once a point in time, he would be confined to a institution and kept medicated. He is mentally ill. But these days, “mainstreamed” into society. Don’t ever trust one of these if the balloon goes up. Their brain is just not wired correctly. Can’t be fixed either.

  3. The Hinoeuma says:

    This may be interesting. These s*** talkers are, what, Millenials? Gen Z? They are babbling about re-education and they, themselves, were “re-educated” at birth, products of programming that they can’t even fathom (one thought the DNC riot occurred in 1978, not 1968). They throw the word Nazi around like they think they know what it REALLY means. How many of them have actually read the Constitution, much less understand it? How many actually know how to fire a weapon? Milwaukee may *burn*. They may cause a mess but, when the guns show up, they will piss themselves.

    Sadly, I can’t disagree with them on the billionaires that are destroying the planet.

  4. Matt says:

    Folks like that have understood for a long time now that there is no voting our way out of this. It’s called socialism. You can vote your way into it but not out of it. Wasn’t there a blog on this site a few weeks ago about the woman who grew up in Austria as they voted Hitler into power?

    They’ve been indoctrinated for some time now and they’ve been setting their pieces on the board and maneuvering them into position. Time to cut the crap with the false indignation and stop pretending we’ve got a republic that works with a peaceful transition of power.

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