Raleigh police investigating armed protest group

An armed protest group walking through downtown Raleigh over the weekend has gained national attention. A photographer with the News & Observer captured images of the small group inside a Subway on Fayetteville Street.

WRAL has received many questions from viewers about if their actions were legal.

The Raleigh Police Department is investigating but said in a statement, “While State law does not permit individuals to possess a dangerous weapon when they are participating in or spectating at a protest, there is nothing that prohibits an individual, or a group of individuals, from walking on a city sidewalk while carrying and displaying firearms.”

North Carolina is an open carry state, meaning people can carry weapons openly on public property, but neighbors and business owners said these demonstrators are going too far and are violating the law.


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6 Responses to Raleigh police investigating armed protest group

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    Unless otherwise reported, no one was being threatened so shut the hell up!

  2. pnoldguy says:

    John Pugh should close his business and retreat to his safe space! He should take a copy of the constitution to read while he is there.

  3. Rabbi Will McCubbins says:

    If no crime has been reported. then its not investigating its harrassment and intimidation by the police. Well, at the command of their masters.. please understand cops are not your protection or your friends !

    • Matt says:

      “please understand cops are not your protection or your friends !”
      I really wish more people realized this. If people realized how true this is, they may not be so supportive of them or of govt. policing and (in)justice as an institution.

      Outsourcing justice from being a local function of the People like it was in the colonial days up through about the war in the mid 1800s and giving it to government and creating “police” was one of the bigger blows to liberty and security.

  4. Tom says:

    Good for them. Fck this tyranny, it’s gone on long enough. A$$holes who pick fights sometimes find one they can’t finish. The treasonous tyranny is in your face now. Governors are killing their own economies and therefore their own populations. King George would blush at what’s being done here. Stalin and Mao would smile.

    • LT says:

      Agreed. The communists have engineered a most impressive siege… and this IS a siege campaign, which I believe to be their intended final engagement of the war. Their desire is to crush every opposing viewpoint, and they are within its reach.

      The next year will show us much.


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