RBG, Civil War, Time Out Generation

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  1. Z-La says:

    The Conflict: Conservatives often claim that the Constitution is only for a moral and righteous people, and democracy/a republic is only for a well-educated people. They decry declining 2d Amendment rights and claim that it’s Natural Rights and Natural Law. The Reality: Most of the youth are not taught their form of government, history, civics, law, and other things that are necessary for the functioning and perpetuation of such. The Issue: As people become more polarized and perhaps threatened by the rights, political platforms, social and familial expressions, and language of those with opposing or differing views, along with economic instability and potential food scarcity, and recently, the prospective of having no shelter, this puts people in a position in whiich supporting or fighting for some ‘abstract ideals’ largely out of the equation. Why will people fight for something they weren’t taught? Survival will be the new normal. In theory, and perhaps in actuality, people vying for their own form of government will have to demonstrate and explain why it will work, and what the incentives are in operating in a particular mode of mutuality. These realities are likely why people are saying ‘civil war’. It’s not necessarily that they want it but that’s the social fallout. The question for conservatives would be ‘what did they do with the decades of relative peace’?

  2. Jack says:

    Yes, make a nomination now !!

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