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Restoration: A, B, C…

Hellesponte & Kerodin

November 21, 2011

At least once each week a patriotic blogger or commenter complains that there are no plans out there for Restoration.

These complaints have become just another excuse.

Secession is suicide. Yes, those who secede may die in better circumstances than they have now – but their children will not.

The mechanics of Restoration are so simple that perhaps that is the problem. Maybe people are looking for complex solutions to simple problems.

The Problem: Too many Americans are willing to lie, cheat, and steal and too many Americans are intent on infringing your personal Liberty and innate, unalienable Natural Rights.

The solution: Make those people stop.


A) Those people may STFU and stop lying, cheating, stealing and meddling in the personal Liberty of their Countrymen.

B) Those people may buy a ticket to another country that is more aligned with their personal preferences, and leave. People in this category who lack the funds to leave may be assisted by humanitarian airlifts conducted by our armed forces.

C) Those people may remain and continue to lie, cheat, steal and meddle in the unalienable Natural Rights of Americans, and face Article III Section III trials and sentences for the treasonous acts of seeking to deny Natural Rights and thereby overthrow the legitimate Constitutional republic. Courts won’t prosecute? Ever heard of a Vigilance Committee: A vigilance committee was a group formed of private citizens to administer law and order where they considered governmental structures to be inadequate.

What is so difficult about these three remedies?

I’ve heard two primary excuses as to why the above simple plan (A, B, C) will not work.

1) There are more than 200,000,000 million people who want to change the republic, so we are outnumbered.

2) FedGov has a vote, resources, and every other advantage, and they are in league with the folks who want the Constitution to die.

My response: If you rely on those two reasons for not defending your unalienable Natural Rights, you do not have the mettle to call yourself a III Patriot.

I’m sorry, I thought this community was made up of Americans who would die rather than endlessly endure infringements upon their Liberty. I thought we were the people who look at a challenge and figure out how to succeed. I thought we were the sons and daughters of our Founders. I hear all the time about how members of our community will not surrender their children into the certain slavery of the current system.

I am not calling anyone out for not yet having gone to work, beyond this stage of righteous indignation.

But let’s speak the truth: The likelihood of an economic implosion, leading to a serious disruption of authority and services, is imminent.

No one is asking you to get the herd of 200,000,000 genetic trash moving into silence or for the borders on your own.

But if you are serious about restoring genuine Jeffersonian Liberty, Natural Law, and our Founding Principles: Do you have the means and the plan and the guts to get the herd of useless garbage out of your own AO?

That is all anyone expects of you. Handle your AO.

If you live in a major metropolitan area your AO is not the entire city – it may be no larger than your cul-de sac at first, and then expanded to your corner of the subdivision. Eventually you’ll bump into another Patriot doing the same. Before you know it, small zones become No-Go for OpFor and grow larger as each Patriot covers the ground beneath his own feet and in his immediate AO.

No problem is too large if it is broken down into man-sized pieces and enough men work together.

But the goal must be simple, concise, easily explained, and then accomplished.

The goal is to be rid of Enemies of Liberty.

A) They may STFU and live among us, so long as they cease their unconstitutional agenda.

B) They may leave, unharmed, and if they need a ride we’ll put them on a plane, a boat, a mule train, and they can get the F out.

C) Or they may stay and push the issue…and face Justice for trying to enslave men who mean to be Free and at Liberty.

Your part is to handle your AO. Do you know the Enemies of Liberty who live, work, or travel through your AO?

If not, you haven’t even begun your work.

Do you have the means to enforce A, B, or C in your AO?

If not, you are behind the curve.

My plan can work. My plan is realistic and simple, and can be accomplished by a much smaller force upon a much larger force. My plan requires nothing but grit, determination, and elbow grease.

My plan keeps the United States of America, from sea to shining sea, intact and at full strength.

If you do not understand how to get a herd of 200,000,000 bad guys moving in a direction of your choice, break it down into smaller bites. If you chose to do it, would you know how to make your worst neighbor choose to leave the neighborhood?

If you do not agree with this simple ABC plan: OK – where is your alternative?



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