Red Flag

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  1. a follower says:

    He never changes, in that, He loves us. ‘Things’ did change from the old to the New!
    We are too change also, Have we, are we?.

    Dehumanizing??? Would this also happen or escalate when we begin name calling, ridiculing, and behaving as the enemy? The people you are trying to reach are both children and childish, are we not told not to provoke your children? Do you love them?
    Did Yahusha, use satire, did he mock the very people he was trying to reach? Are we not to imitate Him, become like Him?
    Israel, “His people” always seem to go this way. There is a pattern to it.
    Why does ‘He’ find it necessary time and time again to remove a Nation’s blessings???
    Go back to the Torah of God.
    Torah…. Instruction; His instruction
    As individuals? Or another group of self serving men deciding what this is?
    You see, this is part of the continuing problem along with the FORCE that will soon a company a group of men.
    In looking around the last few years it would seem that it is not only the “christians” that are caught up in the vain traditions of men, ceremonies, vain repetitions.

    Look at this verse: And it shall be that from new moon to new moon, and from Shabath to Shabbath,all flesh shall come to worship before me,”declares Yahuah.
    Is it possible that we as individuals can look too and live here now, in the present?
    Praying in our prayer closet = any where we are, any moment, in our minds,in our hearts. We do not need a special time nor place, although it is good to have a quiet set aside place at times.

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