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  1. vietnamvet says:

    There is a magnified, slow motion copy of the actual shooting.
    To view it use – Oregon standoff: Video of LaVoy Finicum’s death – as your Google search string.

    It indicates that Finicum was shot while his hands were up, and they briefly came down to his front midsection in reaction to the hit.
    He then tried to keep them raised, but was hit twice more, in the left side or left hip, causing him to react to that body location.

    Finally, the shooter approaching from the rear delivered the kill shot.

    The roadblock was set up behind a blind curve, and it was obviously expected that Finicum would crash into it. That’s why the officer was moving left as the truck approached.

    Finicum avoided the crash, AND increased the arc of his turn enough to humanely avoid hitting the cop who ran into his path.

    If they wanted an arrest, they would have had the roadblock visible at the initial point where the vehicles were approached.
    Placing it two miles up the road gave a false impression that escape was possible, and shots fired at Finicum’s truck made escape seem necessary … so he bolted.

    It was an ambush designed to kill … either in a head on crash, or with gunfire.

    I just watched the video of the approach to the ambush (again) and noticed another detail.
    If Finicum had not turned further left to avoid hitting that trooper, he would most likely have made it back onto the pavement, beyond the blocking vehicle on the left side.

    He saved that cop’s life with an action that caused him to lose his own.

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