Renee Ellmers Is A Child Abuser

My Congressman is a child ABUSER!

My three beautiful children joined me when I filed because it is their future that has been placed very much in doubt by the political stupidity and cowardice of my Congressman (RINO Renee Ellmers), GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, and a host of other gutless politicians who campaign as courageous “conservatives”, but govern as craven weasels cowering in the corner.

With the support of Ellmers & McCarthy, John Boehner and Paul Ryan have turned the Speaker’s Office from a bully pulpit into the Pansy Pulpit, and I’ve had enough. Renee Ellmers has saddled my children (and yours) with an absurd level of debt that they have no realistic hope of ever repaying. The policy wonks call it “intergenerational wealth transfer,” but I call it what it is: it’s child abuse. It’s fiscal child abuse, and it must end.

The Congress has stolen from our children and our children’s children because it has politicians like Renee Ellmers who can’t say no. They are hopelessly addicted to the crack of spending other people’s money. It’s an entirely new kind of slavery: the kind where you force children to work to pay off money you spent before they were even born.

I am nauseated at the prospect that Renee Ellmers might win another term in Congress.  Won’t you help me keep that from happening?  I’m counting on your support

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1 Response to Renee Ellmers Is A Child Abuser

  1. Hans says:

    Yep … keep voting … it’s worked so well the last 50, 100, 150 + years.

    As a friend of mine said recently:

    “They believe that you can harness the power of force upon others to do good. But (it’s) a broken system built upon threats, hostility & violence.”

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