Republican Civil War Begins

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The civil war within the Republican party between conservatives and moderates is on. Another part to the circus that is Washington, D.C. Anyone who believes that there is a political solution to the evil in our federal government is dreaming for the same hope and change offered by the pResident.

War is coming: do not get sidetracked.

David DeGerolamo

Fed up moderate Republicans to launch strike on Club for Growth

A moderate Republican group that is fed up with the recent onslaught of uncompromising GOP lawmakers and candidates is preparing a multimillion dollar campaign against hardline conservative forces during the 2014 midterm elections.

The Main Street Partnership, a center-right activist group led by Steve LaTourette, an Ohio Republican who left Congress earlier this year to join a lobbying firm, aims to spend as much as $8 million to defend sitting Republican lawmakers facing threats from conservative primary challengers.

Through a combination of direct mail, online ads and support for grassroots organizing, the Partnership plans to defend several moderate Republican incumbents next year. The group also plans to launch a direct strike on the Club for Growth, a free-market advocacy network that supports conservative challengers to incumbent GOP lawmakers.


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