Republicans speak with forked tongue

On Sunday, September 22 , Senator Ted Cruz was the guest of Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Immediately after Cruz was announced as a guest on the show, top Republican leaders sent Wallace unsolicited “opposition research” in an attempt to discredit Cruz.

With all the posturing and bloviating that the GOP stalwarts offer in opposition to the current administration, one would tend to think that the Grand Old Party Senators would band together to support the continuing resolution they were sent by the House, which funds the government at the current level – but excludes Obamacare.

Like the old axiom states “talk is cheap.” Republicans constantly contend that Obamacare and his plans represent right versus left – or liberty versus tyranny. They consistently contend that the Affordable Health Care Act was imposed by mob rule —and point out that many of the votes were purchased by back room deals. Almost to a man or woman – Republican Senators have vowed to fight to repeal the healthcare plan — so where is the fight!

Common Core is basically a set of federal education guidelines and standards written by Washington bureaucrats and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The majority of states (46) have signed up to enforce these standards in order to receive more federal money. Never mind that there is no federal money or that some of the standards are yet to be written. Common Core is nothing less than complete governmental takeover of public education. At the center of the new standards is the reality that it will now be nearly impossible to fire even an illiterate teacher — because so much authority has been ceded to the teacher’s unions by the new government standards.

Conservatives have railed against the new educational guidelines, but the fight against the program seems to have eluded Republicans in the House and Senate. Therein lies the heart of the problem — Republicans are not necessarily conservative.

The Founding Fathers devised a bi-cameral government that would function based on checks and balances. The two-party political system was presumed to provide a part of those checks and balances. The reality is that the two political parties have merged into one giant liberal political party with only the most subtle actual differences. Mind you there is a vocal difference —the Republicans still talk in a pompous self-aggrandizing manner about what they stand for – and will not stand for. The problem is that it is nothing more than talk —blah, blah, blah. When the time actually arrives to take a principled stand, we discover that the GOP is really not that principled after all —and has a proud history of throwing any of their party who dares do more than talk under the bus.

Even though there is that constant drum roll regarding fighting the good fight —the reality is that there is about as much fight in the long-term Republicans in Congress as a hound dog with no teeth. The Republican Party reminds me of an old steer, with no balls, who paws the ground and bellows – then when it is time to perform – goes and lazes in the shade.

The liberal agenda will prevail and America will become Greece west. The outcome is inevitable because Santa Claus is in town and no self-respecting politician is going to pee on Santa’s sled runners —choosing rather to help grease them. The Republicans constantly rant and rave about how they hate big government, and how they are going to block the left’s plans to expand the scope of government —however, when the time comes to stand and fight they surrender like French soldiers.

The formal Republican position on Obamacare, Common Core, the debt ceiling, etc. is that they are against these programs. Perhaps the GOP should be recognized for what they are — the Gonadless Old Party, because they simply lack the cojones to take a principled stand. Because of this testicle disorder —we will have a dysfunctional health care program to grapple with, students will be indoctrinated on political correctness, and the national debt will be increased — deferring payment to kids that are as yet unborn.

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a free-lance writer who lives in Murphy, NC. He may be contacted at:

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