Responding to Sen. Tillis (R-NC) on Resurrecting Red Flag Laws!

A response to Sen. Thom Tillis on his double speak on ERPO’s
A Weasel Whisperer is similar to a Horse Whisperer except that they interpret the double speak of politicians.  In this case, we have Sen. Thom Tillis talking out of both sides of his mouth about what he calls ‘ERPOs’ so-called “red-flag” laws or what we lovingly call ‘Gun Confiscation SWATing’.
In a recent letter to his constituents, he stated that “I have serious concerns about any law that allows law enforcement officers to take an individual’s firearms without robust due process protections.”  This really means that there are NO due process protections, ‘robust’ or otherwise.
The double speak continues where he says that “I am supportive of common-sense measures to prevent dangerous criminals and severely mentally ill individuals from having access to firearms.”
Senator Thom Tillis, possibly to be known going forward as “Senator ‘Red Flag’ Tillis,” is now in favor of full blown, unconstitutional gun control, and putting people’s lives in danger. Tillis is thumbing his nose at the Bill of Rights with an across the board assault on not just one, but several amendments: the 2nd (keep and bear arms), 4th  (illegal seizure of effects), 5th (due process), and 6th (more due process).
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2 Responses to Responding to Sen. Tillis (R-NC) on Resurrecting Red Flag Laws!

  1. Rabbi Will says:

    Tillis is scum! I didn’t vote for him in 14. And I definitely went in 20. We worked for Brannon . We knew Tillis was no good and we could also tell Mark Harris had alot of shall we say decency issues

  2. kathy says:

    Tillis might as well be a Liberal commie

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