Richmond Roundup


I do not really care what the pundits are saying about Lobby Day in Richmond. I also am not going to say “I told you so” to those individuals who warned people not to attend. Does anyone really think that Matt Bracken and others had anything but the best of intentions for the people?

So let’s get to it:

  1. I did not listen to the expected number of attendees prior to the event. For me, if 10,000 people attended the event, that would have been a huge success. The number of attendees according to the Richmond Dispatch-Times was 22,000. That is a success to me. However, if someone thinks this is a low number, I want you to consider two points: the weather was below freezing and it was a workday. Most of these people not only had to take off from work, they had to pay their own expenses to go. The Obama Administration in collusion with George Soros paid people to attend their events. Most of their attendees did not take off work since they are looters and in addition to their expenses being paid (transportation and food), they received mass printed signs to support their “cause”.
  2. The police stood down. Whether the police were directed to stand down or not is unknown. What is known is that the police presence inside the “cattle pen” was minimal. Anyone who organized and attended rallies/protests against Obamanation should remember the police and how they treated us. I still have hard feelings against law enforcement in Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Wilmington for how they mistreated us. As an aside, I was treated so badly in Wilmington protesting Eric Holder that a lawyer from the ACLU gave me her card if I wanted her to defend me in court. What a difference a decade makes in how law enforcement is directed to look away as Antifa attacks us without consequences. Fortunately, Antifa did not want to “interact” with people who were willing to defend themselves.
  3. A great lesson learned today was how fragile our communications’ network is. We cannot rely on real time information from events in the future to make valid intelligence. Start thinking outside the box on how we can maintain valid comms in real time in the future.
  4. If you do want to say “I told you so” to someone, say it to a true believer on the other side. Twenty-two thousand people showed that the intent of the 2nd Amendment is for our protection against tyranny. Not one incident in Richmond also showed the world who has Sacred Honor in this country.
  5. Level heads prevailed today and I believe they will prevail tomorrow. So what does that mean? I believe the other side suffered a serious blow today in their efforts to label patriots as evil, white supremacists. I also believe that they will retaliate in some fashion with a false flag or some government sponsored provocation to regain their “moral high ground”. Be prepared for Northam’s reaction to this event.

Only time will time if today’s Lobby Day will have an impact on the Democrat controlled government in Virginia. At least for today, Virginians showed that they will not go quietly into the dark night of tyranny.

David DeGerolamo

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7 Responses to Richmond Roundup

  1. Bob K. says:

    I appreciate and really like your summary of today’s rally in my home town. Watching live streams revealed civil conduct among a large crowd. Imagine!
    And when Richmond PD surrounded a group of socialist protesters, I witnessed “protect and serve” in real time. It was not the “stand down” script played in other spectacles. Everybody got protected.
    Today was real. Your professionally composed, insightful wrap-up of its significance, preserves it.

    • PB in Virginia says:

      God blessed us with His grace today. He answered our prayers. My group started our day with this one.

      We started this day with a prayer. I added a little to the prayer Matt sent.

      Good Morning Good Patriots:

      Oh dear lord, descend upon Virginia, be here with the freedom granted by the moment you create so I may experience you.

      A timeless heart with infinite love bound to nothing. Forever standing, my legs are your legs. Strengthen them! Fill us with mercy, the divine witness. Bring your sword, sharpen it with the light of 1,000 stars. May the wicked be cured.

      And if today we are confronted by the evil of the state that we are here to stand against, give us discernment dear Father and make our reflexes fast, our backs strong, our aim accurate and our hearts bold. For we are here to defend the very rights that You endowed us with.

      In the wonderful and holy name of JESUS.


  2. johnnyreb says:

    Big win today IMHO.

  3. 173dVietVet says:

    David -- -- You and many others of us said prayers for peace.

    The Good Lord answered all our prayers.

  4. Charles Kemper says:

    Very grateful for peace. So many good people there but It’s a shame that the poster boy for the event in the media was the pudgy dude with the Barrett rather than the many other people who better represent the movement. Oh well. One day at a time,

  5. Tom says:

    I can’t possibly convey what it meant to those of us behind enemy lines. Thank you!

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