RIGHTEOUS ANGER – What is appropriate today?

Well worth the listen….

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  1. a follower says:

    Yes, well worth a listen, consideration,and discernment.
    This man seems intent on “Speaking the Truth.” Right he is. Yet is everyone on the same page,as far as the Truth? No, not yet! Many of YOU have expressed the time for talking is over! How many for how many years have expressed this? Can you see the pattern? And yet more people do seem to be waking up? Is this not good?
    And i would add, your position, especially those of you that consider yourselves as “Clergy” does matter and very much responsibility does come into play. And yet we as believers each one has a responsibility to share and to voice warnings, or their blood is on our hands.
    Being trigger happy, as i see many, is a problem. Instigating violence when the world seems so intent and hellbent on starting something is a problem. Now rest assured i am sure something is coming, but i would also say, be careful what you are in fact wishing for and in fact hoping for.
    i do believe i am prepared Spiritual and physically. The Timing is out of my hands and i am content with this, so all of your “for the children” excuses tends to get my passion stirred up.
    Do not mistake our ( because i know i am not alone) patience for weakness.
    “Very loud” does not work on all people. i have been accused of intimidation while i was being very calm and very quiet, but the man new i meant business. Am not bragging, just giving another way,and example.
    Also for your consideration:
    Matthew Henry Commentary
    17:48-58 See how frail and uncertain life is, even when a man thinks himself best fortified; how quickly, how easily, and by how small a matter, the passage may be opened for life to go out, and death to enter! Let not the strong man glory in his strength, nor the armed man in his armour. God resists the proud, and pours contempt on those who defy him and his people. No one ever hardened his heart against God and prospered. The history is recorded, that all may exert themselves for the honour of God, and the support of his cause, with bold and unshaken reliance on him. There is one conflict in which all the followers of the Lamb are, and must be engaged; one enemy, more formidable than Goliath, still challenges the armies of Israel. But resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Go forth to battle with the faith of David, and the powers of darkness shall not stand against you. But how often is the Christian foiled through an evil heart of unbelief!
    1 Samuel 17:51 Commentaries

  2. Don Johnson says:


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