Romney’s Missed Opportunities in the Debate

1. $1 trillion dollar student loan debt with $180 billion currently in default.
2. 25% increase in student tuition under Obama.
3. $6 trillion increase in debt under Obama.
4. Ethanol production impacting feed costs bankrupting small farmers.
5. Gulf of Mexico energy production lost.
6. 20% coal plant closures.
7. Death panels.
8. Spriralling food costs.
9. Collapse of the auto industry, channel stuffing and auto loans to unqualified people.
10. Obamacare exceptions for unions.
11. Failure of the Department of Education.
12. Increased military deaths in Afghanistan.
13. Increased military spending in Afghanistan.
14. Definition of transparency.
15. Asking Obama to define free enterprise when he said that made our country great.
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10 Responses to Romney’s Missed Opportunities in the Debate

  1. Michael Johnston says:

    On the economic debate topics Romney won…period. I don’t care if he hits every point that we have issues with over the last 4 years. Millions of Americans who are clueless saw a winner….and they saw Obama lose…

    • David says:

      Let’s hope you are right.

    • Navigator1924 says:

      Good Grief, He is running for president, not God. He did miss some, however, he never stopped and spoke so fast and confidently. He did fine with me.
      I like having that list. I still have one child that is uninformed.

      • David says:

        I am not running for president (thank God). The list is what I would have said or elaborated upon during the debate. I could not believe some of the softballs that Romney missed or maybe bypassed for expediency. Maybe that is the mark of a good politician.

  2. tmedlin says:

    I would have to agree with Michael -- also, Romney DID mention the death panel (IPAB) he just didn’t use that term. Bottom line, somebody needed a butt-kicking for the last 4 years and Romney delivered it, as well as Newt could have ever done and far superior to anything Ron Paul could have possibly done…I felt a tingle up my leg LOL

    • David says:

      I put death panels on the list for that reason: Romney did not use that term, question the qualifications of the panel members outlined by Obama or state that these panels are already in operation as outlined here:

      As I watched the debate, I kept thinking “Newt would have torn Obama up” on this topic. That and $3.80 will get me one gallon of gasoline diluted with ethanol. Wishful thinking and political brinkmanship will not solve our problems. Let’s hope that in the next debate, Romney looks at the camera (instead of Obama) and goes on the offensive instead of repeatedly stating that Obama was wrong in assessing his tax plans.

      Is it me or did anyone else think “Here it comes, Obama just gave Romney a slow pitch and he is going to hit it out of the park”? Those are the points that I posted that I thought Romney was given.

      I am looking FORWARD to the next debates. Especially in light of this administration’s foreign policy disasters.

      • tmedlin says:

        well, Romney and Newt have very different personalities -- no doubt. What I think might be an interesting exercise for your readers might be this: Many have gone on and on about how Romney would be no different than Obama. So, let’s assume that Romney wins -- who do you start campaigning for against HIM for the next election? Or, for that matter, even if Obama wins another term and the country continues to exist in a much more weakened state -- who do you want to see running in 2016?

        • David says:

          For me personally, I DO NOT want Obama to win. I am not interested in 2016 elections at this point no matters who wins in 2012: I am interested in the survival of our country.

          • tmedlin says:

            well, but many people ARE interested in the politics. I feel sure Hillary will run, UNLESS she’s thrown under the bus over Bhenghazi (sp). Since so many were unhappy with their choices in candidates this year, perhaps it’s time to start looking for someone worthy of our time and energy to lead the country, in the future.

  3. Hans says:

    And there was one more giant opportunity lost or avoided (you decide).

    Romney was asked to describe the proper scope and purpose of government … a clear opportunity to speak to the specific and limited powers enumerated in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution … and he just couldn’t do it. Pathetic.

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