Ron Paul Lectures Ben Bernanke

Why ask Ben Bernanke any questions when he testifies at a Congressional hearing? If you are Ron Paul, you know the answers to the financial questions that need to be addressed. Dr. Paul’s example of the value of silver vs. the value of a federal reserve note is classic.

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to Ron Paul Lectures Ben Bernanke

  1. tmedlin says:

    I just wish, that when he (Paul) got this position, he would have given some thought, or made more effort, to actually DO something constructive. I think most people understand his point -- even though he rambles like most men (and women) his age -- but I would have liked some hard questions, demands for some serious answers, and we got neither…just seems like he wasted his time, and I wasted my time watching it…sigh… isn’t there ANYBODY who can be a REAL champion of the cause?

    • David says:

      I disagree since I watched the entire proceeding. The Democrats praised Bernanke for his excellent work and the Republicans asked questions which were outside the scope of the Fed or were not answered by him. This is typical of all of his hearings in Washington. What would I do in this position? Exactly what Ron Paul did: expose the theft perpetrated on Americans by the Fed. Why ask questions that will not be answered. Watch the other representatives for this hearing and tell me what they accomplished.

      • tmedlin says:

        I believe that you, Hans, Larry, Bubba, and many others could have done a better job with 5 minutes of questioning…would have gotten more than just a patronizing, smug, smartass comment that Ron Paul got. Putting up that coin, while he thought he was doing great, was silly. How about using 20 minutes of time from one of his staffers to simply create a chart demonstrating the difference in how inflation is calculated now, vs. the past, and what the REAL inflation rate is? Or how about the question we discussed earlier about QE3 and how all that money has gone to Europe? SOMETHING worth videotaping? SOMETHING to help the people who don’t understand what is happening… If you can find the video where the democrats were praising him, that might be worth posting on here…I don’t know…I just know this -- NOBODY is effectively challenging Bernanke…Where is this generation’s Jesse Helms? LOL

        • David says:

          NOBODY is effectively the people controlling the financial world. Bernanke sends QE3 to the ECB and no one cares. I agree that Ron Paul came across as patronizing but I did like the silver coin.

          Real inflation is over 10% and people know this when they get gas or buy food. Why don’t people stand up? Unemployment is misrepresented by manipulating the labor force. Why don’t people stand up? The IRS is now used to intimidate patriot groups. Why don’t people stand up? The United States has abandoned Israel in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood. Why don’t people stand up? Fast & Furious is fading away. Why don’t people stand up?

          Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, Ben Bernanke, Obama, Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank: what do you think these people are doing to the country?

          According to the commercials on WRDU, Renee Ellmers is this generation’s Jesse Helms. And that is the point: both parties are hiding the truth from the people and the majority of the people don’t care to know the truth.

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