Russia May Be Laughing but the Democrat Party Is Crying

The shooting in Parkland, Florida overwhelmed the news cycle last week. This week will see a return to political malfeasance media coverage under the Obama administration. Pending another unforeseen news cycle shift, this week should see a return to the following:

1. DACA compromise.
2. FBI collusion and incompetence.
3. Uranium One Treason by the Obama administration.
4. John Brennan’s role in the Deep State. John Clapper’s role will be on display in the coming weeks.
5. The waste of time and money by the Mueller commission.
6. Mitt Romney lack of private parts.
7. Gun control: it’s for the children.
8. How people caused Lindsay Vonn’s defeat in the Olympics for stating that she disapproved of President Trump.
9. Which Hollywood personality abused other Hollywood personalities.
10. Which Donald Trump tweet caused the most liberal heads to explode.

David DeGerolamo

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