Russia: Remove All Deposits from EU Institutions

bank-run(  24-March-2013 — Russian diplomats reported that the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a memo to all embassies, and  warned [Russians] to leave no more money in Western banks. Apparently, the Kremlin is afraid of the “greatest robbery of private property in Russia’s recent history.”

Cyprus is used as a current example of this theft, considering the now well known threat of compulsory taxes upon savings. So far, the advisory, sent on authority of the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, has been well received. The Prime Minister also sharply criticized the EU’s behavior in the current bailout negotiations with Cyprus.  Medvedev believes that  “the EU has made every possible error which could be made”, however, “property rights must be respected”, said Medvedev.

Meanwhile, German citizens are outraged with the politicians of their Bundesrepublik, and accusing Angela Merkel of “shaking money out of her sleeves to Greece, Spain, and every other country she wants to play in.”  Many Germans in the popular opinion feel that they “work for 6 months out of the year to fill the federal coffers, yet still have no say in what is done with their money, not even about the future of their democracy.”

Similar sentiments in Italy, Spain, and other “peripheral” EU nations are gaining in strength, and this rising tide of anger towards the EU is feeding a return to belligerent nationalism from Spain to Russia – the precursory substance of wars and destruction.





FWIW, The Google translations aren’t as good as I would like to see, but they are better than nothing –

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  1. perhaps this will be the tornado that carries us all out of Kansas finally…

  2. Thisiznuts says:

    “Private property must be respected”—this coming from the Communists. Oh, what an upside down world!

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