Russian police kill seven N.Caucasus militants

(Reuters) – Police killed seven suspected militants in Russia’s volatile North Caucasus region of Kabardino-Balkaria on Thursday, Russian news agencies reported, citing law enforcement authorities.

Insurgents carry out almost daily attacks in the patchwork of small, mostly Muslim regions along the country’s southern border. But violence is less frequent in Kabardino-Balkaria than in Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan further southeast.

Preliminary reports indicated that police killed seven militants, two of them women, state-run RIA news agency quoted an unidentified police official as saying.

An official in the National Anti-Terrorist Committee told Itar-Tass, also state-run, that the militants had barricaded themselves inside a private house in the provincial capital, Nalchik, and exchanged fire with law enforcement officers.

Police said that among those killed was a local militant leader. On Tuesday, security forces killed five militants in a short gun battle in Ingushetia, according to the committee.

So in addition to Libya, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Phillipines, Nigeria, Turkey, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia, we can add Australia, England, France, Germany, and now Russia to the list of countries where radical islamists are willfully agitating to create violent revolt ‘against corrupt western influence.”  The Balkans are also on the verge of another round of civil and sectarian violence.

None of this is the result of some ridiculous school project film about “Innocence of Muslims”, nor is it about some trashy French cartoonist’s contributions to a magazine on par with the old “Spy Vs. Spy”.  It is about a well planned, ongoing effort to shift the balance of power at the global level, and we are now truly seeing the convergence of violent forces by which the planners intend to “transform the world” into something closer to their hearts’ desires.

In addition, China and Japan are gearing up for a confrontation over a small group of islands surrounded by rich petroleum reserves.  Russia has also forgiven North Korea 90% of its debt, which is a clear indication of Putin’s attitude towards the hard-line communist stronghold to their east – N. Korea is clearly being treated as a strong ally.

An old communist saying comes to mind – “When all the world is engaged in the struggle , we will have obtained the key to victory.”


~Sic Semper Tyrannis!

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    (Reuters) 2 suicide bombers hit Somali capital opposite national theater, deaths reported, witnesses say

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