Sad Commentary on Our Once-Great Civilization:

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And one  FromTheBarrelOfaGun  blogspot:

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2 Responses to Sad Commentary on Our Once-Great Civilization:

  1. admin says:

    The first cartoon has a typo: I GOT IRAQ! should read I GOT LIBYA!

  2. LT says:

    No, “I Got Iraq” is absolutely correct -- with Obamao’s declaration that all US forces shall be removed from Iraq in the coming months, Schmuck’mad-manidinijad will, indeed, be enjoying all of our fine efforts toward liberating Iraq in the very near future. Once the US withdraws from Iraq and the Iranians take over, they will have twice the oil revenue with which to pay for radical islamic terrorism, and also to fund dthe development of their nuclear arsenal…bolstering their confidence in their bid for global islamist hegemony, a.k.a. the global caliphate. They will, of course, start with Israel…the US will be next. All they have to do is put three nukes over the US and detonate them at extreme high altitudes…the EMP will destroy our communications and financial infraastructure, ensuring that we will _NOT_ be part of “the final battle”. Disturbing but true.
    We need to nuke these psycho’s before they have to power to retaliate in kind.

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