Sam Culper: Forward Observer Dispatch

Forward Observer Dispatch
Bottom Line Up Front: Local intelligence helps solve national- and
global-level SHTF problems.

By now, you should have heard about the drone attack on Saudi oil
infrastructure. As of late Sunday night, it’s sending oil futures higher.  The U.S.
Government is officially blaming Iran. No word yet on what happens next
(i.e., expansion of operations/war).

Last week, we were reeling from threats of gun confiscation from Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke.

This week, it’s an oil shock.

Next week, I’m sure it will be something else.

Here’s the deal: we’re absolutely INUNDATED with bad news and events that
carry some serious SHTF potential.

One way to cut through all that is simply to develop local intelligence to get
prepared for ANY event.

If we can determine the localized effects of these events, then we can get serious
about preparedness.

My best advice:

1. Don’t get wound around the axle of EMP, economic collapse, World War III, or Civil War 2.

2. Build your local Area Study. Understand the fault lines and vulnerabilities
you’ll face regardless of a potentially catastrophic event.

3. Prepare specifically for the second- and third-order (and follow-on) effects of a catastrophic event.

If the world stopped — no power, no cell reception, no internet, no
nothing — what information would you need in order to make
decisions about what to do next?

That’s a problem that the Area Study can solve (and it can do a whole lot more).

If you haven’t already, go sign up for the absolutely free Area Study Email

It’ll give you a head start on preparing for what’s ahead… whatever it is.

Always Out Front,
Samuel Culper

PS. Next month, we’re teaching another online course called Area Study Live. In
this course, you’ll meet with Charley Hogwood and me online and get expert
instruction in how to build your Area Study. It’s step by step, from the ground up, and certainly the quickest and best way to get your Area Study built. 
Area Study Live starts in October. There are slots left and we WILL run
out. Here are the details.
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