Sandy Prepares a New Batch of Terrorists

People in the Northeast impacted by Sandy are now awakening to the reality of supply chain breakdowns. No gasoline, electricity and food have shown a large amount of people that preppers are the new normal. The government’s response on all levels will take time but it is not the government’s responsibility to ensure the needs of the people. Kerosene heaters, food, water and a few extra 12v batteries with inverters would take care of their needs for a short period of time.

What would happen to these people in a major grid down scenario where the supply chain was disrupted for more than two weeks?

1. They would do anything to feed their families and then rationalize their actions later.

2. They would live off their own supplies because they would have made preparations earlier for a large scale event.

The first group would become criminals and a wave of terror would sweep the affected areas. The second group fall under the “terrorist” label by the Department of Homeland Security for prepping.

The people suffering now in the northeast will have to come to the conclusion that the government was never intended to supplant personal responsibility: the response to this natural disaster will show that the government is incapable of meeting the requirements of the population under these types of conditions in a timely fashion. Either way, the federal government now has more “terrorists” to contend with in their march to Socialism.

David DeGerolamo  

Hoboken, N.J., Residents Spend Another Night Out in the Cold

As daylight faded in Hoboken, N.J., Wednesday, stranded residents prepared for another long, cold night.

With around 25 percent of this New Jersey city across the Hudson River from New York City now underwater, many of its 50,000 residents are without power, and four days after most stores shut down, residents are running low on food. In an apartment building at First and Harrison, residents grilled frozen pizza.

“It’s scary. We don’t have that much food. I mean, we prepared a little bit,” one person said.


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