Second Waves Of Coronavirus Infections Are Pretty Much Guaranteed

As much as we would just like it to go away, second waves of covid-19 infections are pretty much a certainty at this point.

We’re already seeing initial proof of this in Asia in the very countries that have to-date been most successful at suppressing the virus: Hong Kong, China and South Korea. Even after extended lulls in cases, they’re finding that opening social movement back up results in flare-ups in new covid-19 clusters.

It’s quite possible that these seconds waves will be followed by third and forth waves, as a growing number of scientists worry that the coronavirus may never go away — as it can hide in asymptomatic carriers and because it mutates so rapidly that a permanent vaccine may not be realistic.

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10 Responses to Second Waves Of Coronavirus Infections Are Pretty Much Guaranteed

  1. SWRichmond says:

    You guys are addicted to doom porn.

    • David says:

      And what do you base this accusation on? I post every Chris Martenson video because he presents facts or offers opinions/questions based on his scientific background. I did not add any commentary so people can evaluate the information and make rational decisions. Since this particular video is 56 minutes long, you did not even watch it prior to making your comment.

  2. agua8830jslg says:

    Bravo David, you hang in there and stand firm. I have been following the posts on your blog for some time, and also the epidemiological studies, and you are spot on. Chris Martenson is not doom porn. And people who are not wearing masks are putting themselves and their families at risk.

    Should the Liberty Movement protest draconinian and fascist edicts from tyrannical Governors? Absolutely yes. Should we be refuse mandated vaccinations and forced quarantine and relocation to ‘Quarantine Centers’? Absolutely yes. Should we line up in front of small businesses to prevent their closure by an ever-growing police state? You better believe it. All of these things are infringements on our freedoms as codified in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and we must stand up to defend our rights.

    But…to say that the virus does not exist, or that it cannot seriously damage your lungs and even kill you and your family members, is very foolish indeed. Protest the lockdowns, absolutely. Continue to open your businesses against state mandates, absolutely. But take precautions by covering your face, even with a banadana or piece of cloth (which has been shown to have at least some degree of protection) to protect yourself and your family.

    Patriots, be smart. It takes 1 minute to cut up an old-tshirt and fashion it into a mask. We are not going to be able to resist tyranny and exercise our 2nd Amendment rights if we are home sick in bed, or worse, dead. The added benefit of masks is that it they will help to conceal the identity of liberty-minded folks and thwart facial-recognition technologies so we can fight the tyranny with every resource at our disposal.

    And smart Patriots, be smarter. You had better start researching and procuring mil-spec CBRN masks, for I believe this is far from over, and the possibilty exists that other more deadly strains of this and other engineered viruses could also be ‘accidentally’ released.


  3. Andy says:

    Right you are… well said. Nice to see a thoughtful comment instead of the one-dimensional thinking so prevalent today.

    I would love if you could post a resource for mil-spec CBRN masks, because you are absolutely right, this is not only far from over, I think it has just barely started.

  4. a follower says:

    i have been on the ground for the entirety of this “exercise.” i have been in and out of stores 3-4 times a week . i have also been blessed to be one that has had steady work, and yes i have co workers and we are around each other. i my self have not wore a mask, my two sons also have been steady at their work. Daughter in law also. we have been around each other and many others the entire time. My wife and in-laws share baby sitting duties.
    i have a different view than some of you.
    Suffice to say, we have not hidden from each other or the world, we have not holed up in our homes. i do on occasion wear a mask(work related only,) None of us have donned these masks that i am aware of.
    And we are Blessed in all of the things i have mentioned. i pray and give thanks to God above, i take counsel in ‘His’ absolute Seal of protection. For ourselves and those around us!
    This is Liberty! We are not cowering in fear of Him nor of each other, or what may or may not occur. This is the Freedom He promises.
    Have a look at Barnhardt’s site, you know the second one in the N.C. Renegade recommended line up, on the right side for some alternative views.
    And no i do not go all the way with her into the Catholic one True church idea.

    • David says:

      I seem to be missing your points. Who are you assuming is holed up in their homes? As stated before, my work load has increased since the virus hit this country. I only wear a mask when I go food shopping because I understand sanitary practices when there is a pandemic. I do not go out to eat which is saving me money and I am eating better. Why are you telling me not to wear a mask? And do not backpedal and say that you are not.

      Equating sanitation with fear is your opinion, not fact. The fact is that countries where people wore masks showed a rapid decline in the spread of COVID-19. That cannot be disputed.
      As for linking to Ann’s site, what is your point? We both disagree with her on certain issues. I disagree with her point on masks and wrote an article showing the facts. I have been following Ann for over 10 years and have no intention of attacking her as people have done to me over a difference of opinion. You may write all you like concerning masks and Freedom but the truth will set you free: even when you present false premises.

      I am happy to hear that you did not contract this virus but I am curious. If you had would you have gone to work or out in public to infect other people?

      • a follower says:

        You do not know any one who is holed up?
        i hardly ever go out to eat other than a drive through also. ‘Why do you feel the need to attack?
        i am merely sharing a different view than you seem intent on promoting.
        And i do disagree. i did not ‘Tell’ anyone not to where a mask, ESPECIALY’ if that is your choice.
        i deserve the same courtesy as do others who choose not to wear a mask.
        And no if i was knowingly sick i would not purposely go out to infect others.
        The fear brigade has done their damage, that is surely clear.
        i personally know one person who died and was given the Covid excuse. And he had a list of conditions a mile long.
        We are being played and my wish is for more to grasp this.
        Your idea that you were attacked. Do you think that you and Andy were just totally innocent in all of that?

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