Selco on Martial Law: Forget your “movie illusions about being a freedom fighter”

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Let’s talk about martial law. This is when the normal law of the land is suspended and the authority comes from the military or federal government.

One recent example of undeclared martial law in the US was when the police were looking for the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing and went door to door, forcing innocent people to come outside with their hands on their heads at gunpoint, while their homes were searched without warrants.

It turns out that many of us have some serious misconceptions of what it’s really like to live through a martial law situation. I asked Selco, who has personally been through it, to clear up the myths and tell us what it’s actually like. You can always count on him for the unvarnished truth, and that’s what we need to be prepared to survive extreme situations.

Would you say that your city in Bosnia was under martial law for any part of your ordeal? How long did it last?

During Yugoslav wars, in different regions (states) based on particular timing and events you can say that martial law was in place, or “state of direct war threat” as some call it here.

There were different “stages” or even levels of it, but one common fact is that during that all normal civil rights and laws were completely and absolutely a matter of the will of the “war government.” (Or “military council” or “war headquarters”.)

The names were different for different regions, even cities, but the results were the same.

In the case of my city in that particular time, it was “war government” that had little influence on ordinary citizen simply because there were too many factions.


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2 Responses to Selco on Martial Law: Forget your “movie illusions about being a freedom fighter”

  1. Arch Stanton says:

    I respect your experience and guidance. However, what we are about to go through is not Bosnia or an ethnic cleansing. And what is this “defend” shit? The prepared, hardcore patriots of America are well-trained and highly-motivated. I modestly put their numbers at around 1 million. They are not planning to go head-to-head with any opposing force. Instead, they will form the American equivalent of the Viet Cong. Strategy will be to selectively target, position, dispatch and disappear. Main stream and social media have provided an abundance of rich, outspoken “loyalists” as well as anyone who would ruin the country. They, not government, will choose the time and place. Violence of aggression will happen soon in the process, a thousand unexpected ambushes a day and it will not end. It will not end and no quarter will be given. Waiting for tanks and SWAT thugs to storm the neighborhoods is out of the question. You think this will be the Alamo? LOL. Many will die because many would rather perish than live in socialism, sharia or worse. But tyrannical factions and traitors to the constitution will be made to earn every inch they try to take. The true American Patriot is well-armed with surprising ballistic add-ons. They’ve had 15 to 20 years to train/arm and many are combat vets. And they are itching to get this party started. I would not want to oppose them on the guerilla battlefield.

  2. a follower says:

    “Yes, I am aware that lot of preppers imagine martial law to be like some black and white situation (with clear causes, solutions, and views). In reality, it is quite different.
    Forget about the movie illusions of openly being a freedom fighter.
    No matter how well-organized you are, those who impose martial law have better organization than you. Remember that martial law usually means an information blackout. “They” will own information and present it to the public the way that they want to present it.
    You simply need to be grey.” -- Selco.

    i agree. So much of Selcso’s warning is already being done and being used it is not funny.
    How many will read this entire article and simply not see,not hear, and go on to fall for the illusion?

    “Forget your “movie illusions about being a freedom fighter”

    So many refuse to see the ’cause’ of all of this. Cause and effect.
    Or they simply can not face what time it is. The lies, the traps have done their intended damage, and continue to do so.

    As i see it, two sides have emerged,”One side-” Trumps side including many “patriots,vets, and military (Q,Anon,serial brain and followers) large portion of those claiming to be of the church?
    “2nd side-” Leftist and far right nut jobs also many claiming to be of the church.
    Both sides at times seem a lot alike at times..
    i do see another side, a third much smaller group, committed to the Truth! This group sees and can recognize something amiss with both of these groups. Both of these sides as wrong. we seek the Truth, we see the lies,the pride,the arrogance.

    Does evil also use and reveal other evil? Does God use evil to reveal and destroy evil?
    i believe he does and will.

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