Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte asked to resign

July 30, 2012
by Rocco J. Piserchia

Today Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte spoke together at Fayetteville Technical Community College in order to instill fear and panic over impending budget cuts to the military.  The 3 Senators are on a hype fest to manipulate the public to prevent the military budget from being reduced. They also plan to speak in VA, FL and NH.  Re the hype check out how this was sold by the NC Military Business Center:

The Senators will discuss the potentially devastating impact of inaction by Congress and the Administration on the looming Fiscal Year 2013 budget sequester, which would result in an additional $500 billion in automatic defense budget cuts beginning in January 2013. The Senators will discuss how inaction on sequestration would seriously risk national security, eliminate over two million jobs in our struggling economy, potentially devastate the defense industry in North Carolina (the second largest sector of the state economy) and break faith with the men and women of our Armed Forces and their families.

When a local Patriot told me that these 3 Senators were scheduled to speak and the public was invited I decided to attend.  Of course my concern was not the over bloated budget of the Dept. of “Defense.”  I just have no stomach for empire and illegal wars.  Article 1 Section 8 clause 11 of the US Constitution makes it clear that only Congress may declare war however the last time the US Congress actually declared war was June 5, 1942 against Romania. This was the last nation the US legally declared war against as part of World War II.  Since then every war has been illegal in that Congress has never declared war.  Now we find our nation being methodically transformed into a police state as part of the “War on Terror.”


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2 Responses to Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte asked to resign

  1. John McCain and Lindsay Graham are shameful depositories of the people’s faith in government.

    They pulled a “Chubby Checker” indeed. (A term I use with my husband) They managed to twist the issue into something it wasn’t. Shame on them. They know better. And they knew exactly what Rocco and Jeff were referring to. Opposition to the NDAA is not news to them. The concern over the denial of habeas corpus and other constitutionally-respected fundamental rghts is something these malintentioned representatives have heard clearly and unequivocably by Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Walter Jones, and many others. They also know that outrage has led to the state of Virginia nullifying the offensive provisions of the bill, others taking up the same measures, as well as local governments and jurisdictions interposing for the liberty interests of their citizens.

    McCain and Graham “Chubby Checkered” Rocco and Jeff into looking like crazed individuals who want to see the US harmed. There is nothing deranged about what our fellow NC citizens did by asking these traitors to the Constitution to resign. Only a few courageous patriots ever stand up to the exercise of tyranny an defend the liberty interests of the whole.

    BASTARDS !! I spit on McCain and Graham. (Well, I will when I pull up their images on the computer screen).

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