Set Up Your Intelligence Now


by Sam Culper

The Quick Start ACE

Aveighter from the MVT Intelligence Support to the Warfighter Forum asked a really great question – how do we spin up an Analysis and Control Element (ACE) in record time to respond to a time-sensitive event like the Nevada/Bundy Ranch incident?  I’ve outlined the answer in two sections below.  I’m going to get this published in ebook form with lots of pretty pictures and it’ll be available for download here later this week.  Print it off and add it to your collection, send it to a friend, whatever, but use it!

I. The ACE Team

Good intelligence allows the commander to make informed, time-sensitive decisions, and use his finite resources to maximum effect; he and his organization run the risk of mission failure without it.  Information is derived from a collection capacity, and formulated into intelligence through quality analysis.  The intelligence element, tasked with transforming information into intelligence and delivering it to the commander, plays a critical role.  An organization involved in stability/support or combat operations must have an intelligence element whether it’s one individual doing the best he or she can, a small team of individuals, or an entire section of trained intelligence analysts.


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