It seems odd to now voice my mind and not be called a kook, it’s interesting to have a conversation with someone just now brushing the sleep from their eyes, you can stay on point but you know the person still has much more pain to work through. I was at the local feed store and a conversation was struck in regards to how much ammo a gentleman has stored away, he was proud of his two bricks of 22′s. I bit my tongue….Wisely!

None the less….. they are awakening, I find no reason to place salt on the open wound. Doom?…..Gloom? The élite know what’s best for us.

…they will never stop coming, folks.  These are hardcore Marxist ideologues.  
(I don’t give them credit of being ‘real’ Marxists because they get to play at 
Marxism from the safety of their gated communities and security details and 
limos.  Any real Marxist from Russia, Cuba, China would eat the American 
version’s lunch.)

There can be no coexistence.  They mean to have war – with you.

Said better than I ever could! Sam speaks of the essence, after all it the essence that most lack the ability of defining or understanding, it’s the essence that wants to destroy us and our way of live….. that hangs in the balance.


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  1. Bob says:

    I guess I don’t feel so bad now for only having 20 bricks of .22. Hope it lasts.

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